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New York, NY, USA

Maia is a candidate engagement platform that helps employers hire the passive talent they're currently losing.

92% of candidates who visit employer job postings and career sites don't apply. Some people are early in their job search, researching companies. Others find companies they love, but there isn't an open job that fits. And sometimes, the perfect candidate wants to apply but they run into a nightmare apply process on an antiquated ATS. Today, this highly sought after audience of passive talent has no simple way to show interest and engage with an employer aside from applying to a job. This results in missed opportunities for both employers and candidates, and unnecessary wasted job advertising spend.

Maia connects with any career site or ATS to immediately start building a pool of passive talent 10X faster than any existing talent network technology. Maia doesn't stop there. Candidate engagement takes more than job alerts and company updates. Maia's Automated Engagement Platform delivers truly helpful content that keeps passive talent engaged. This happens automatically, without any time investment from an employers'‚Äč talent acquisition team. Maia connects seamlessly to existing ATSes and CRMs and allows employers to accurately measure ROI.