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Jackson Square Company

Jacksons Square Company is a recruiting agency that provides business professionals with a strong foundation to prepare for a new career. The hiring strategy we use is designed to identify the attributes of successful business professionals within their role and to locate these attributes during our assessment.

Our company has global experience working with telemarketing centers, educational institutions, marketing corporations, software companies, collection agencies, insurance companies and more. Jackson Square Company’s professionalism and organization are second to none in our industry and we strive for efficiency and excellence.

Our years of experience and development have allowed us to refine our recruiting and sourcing strategy. Depending on your needs JSC will be able to gather the data and conduct the search for individuals that match the traits of top performers within comparable companies. Jackson Square Company provides customizable searches for entry-level, all the way up to C level positions.

Many of our candidates and partners have provided very positive feedback regarding our recruiting services and we plan to continue to exceed expectations.