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About TalentLaunch

We are fearless innovators who leverage expertise and creativity to bring new ideas to staffing and recruitment companies. We consider ourselves to be unique by not doing things just like everyone else. We are problem solvers who never give up and strive to make things happen quickly and efficiently. Our client relationships are strategic partnerships. We build relationships and strive to help others by making valuable business connections. It’s our purpose to proactively help staffing and recruitment companies grow. We’re inspired and truly believe this is the best way to develop staffing and recruitment companies. With our values as the foundation for our success, we strive for accountability, authenticity and transparency in everything we do.


Culture is the foundation of success and that’s why we stress a culture that unlocks unrealized potential. We believe there are two primary elements that support the type of success that makes good companies great: top talent and culture. When you match the right person to the right culture, the possibilities are endless. It’s a little process we like to call “Unlocking Unrealized Potential.” Most importantly, we want everyone to come to work and have fun by being enthusiastically engaged in their careers, while still being accountable for their contributions and results. We encourage active learning, friendly competition and giving back to the community, too.