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Newsearch Horizons

Newsearch Horizons is a Premier Cybersecurity and Emerging Tech search firm. We find the best-in-class talent that will protect your organization from the most challenging cyber threats within and without. We help great companies find extraordinary Cybersecurity and Tech Executives, Architects, Managers and more.

Why work with us?

- Deeply networked with thousands of high caliber Cybersecurity and Tech professionals
- Sniper and not your typical ‘spray and pray’ recruiter.
- With 15+ years in recruiting, we know the challenges corporate managers face trying to attract great talent to their teams
- We love what we do and it will show!

Here are just some of the broader Cybersecurity and Tech domains we specialize in:

- Security Architecture, Engineering and Operations
- Threat Intelligence
- Governance, Risk and Compliance
- Cloud Architecture and Computing
- Analytics / Data Science / AI