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eBusiness Institute

Geneva, Switzerland

The eBusiness Institute has been created to “enable” the business transformation. We support medium-large organisations to adapt their business, organisation and leadership to the digital transformation challenge. eBusiness Institute was created in 2013 as a consulting company and ever since it has developed an international business that employs more than 40 people on a regular basis.

We have three mains practices:

  • Consulting
  • Capabilities
  • Creative & Content (our Agency)

Our clients are multinational companies, primarily in the CPG sector. We work with Top executives in Marketing and Sales to help them design and execute the agenda for the business transformation. In our consulting practice, we work from Assessment to Strategy and to Projects development; in our capabilities practice we develop training programs to upskill managers and leaders; in our creative & content practice we have an agency team that produces digital content at 360 degrees with the ability to work on higher level communication projects.

Thanks to our setup, we only employ people with a large range of skills able to work with clients on multiple projects while we rely on a large network of experts for anything that is specialised knowledge.

We are a humble yet proud organisation as we see the impact we make with our clients while remaining a relatively small organisation.