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Tips to Maximize Your HR Lancers Experience

Tips to Maximize Your HR Lancers Experience

Since January of 2020 when we launched HR Lancers nearly 6,000 HR and Recruiting professionals have decided to join our little community. We still have a ways to go but we are grateful and look forward to becoming the premier destination for freelance HR work.

The searchable profile database currently lists nearly 1,500 of you who have indicated they want employers to be able to browse their profile. And that’s really the first tip to help you maximize your HR Lancers account. You can’t be hired if you can’t be found.

So with that in mind let’s explore the different tools and features we offer you to highlight your skills and find work. 


Users should think of their HR Lancer profile much like their LinkedIn presence. 

  • Be sure to add a photo, a headline and use the “Hire Me For” field to state exactly what type of projects or contract work you prefer.
  • Use lots of keywords in your profile for the phrases and skills you want to be found for when an employer does a keyword search. Add more keywords, not less.
  • Lancers get up to five (5) categories to describe themselves. Be sure to maximize those because they are the primary way employers filter search results.
  • Multiple profiles. Featured users can create up to three (3) profiles for themselves based on different skill sets.



Got a website? Show off your HR Lancers participation by putting one of our cool badges on your website. Adding a badge helps to bring trust and credibility to your business.


Lancers can take advantage of several variations of email job alerts. On the job search page do a keyword search to get specific keyword based alerts. For a more broader alert don’t enter a keyword. Rather click on one of the job categories to the left then enter your email.

You can even get alerts for specific companies by visiting their employer profile.

Write for Us

Have something to say about HR or recruiting that employers need to read? Consider writing a guest blog for us. We’ll then promote the heck out of it across our employer network and social email. Let us help you gain awareness! 

Just email your article to


Lastly, consider becoming a featured HR Lancer. For just $7 bucks a month you can boost your profile and get access to our insiders group.

Featured Lancers can create up to 3 profiles, join our exclusive monthly member calls, and have their profile highlighted and placed at the top of all other Lancers for the duration of your upgraded account. This is especially helpful for boosting your awareness to employers.

We’ll also give you the opportunity to be featured on our blog by sending some questions to answer over email. Just like we did for Dee Ann Rutens.

To upgrade your account login, go to your dashboard and click the “UPGRADE PROFILE” button.