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Report: Nearly Half of HR Leaders Looking for New Jobs

Report: Nearly Half of HR Leaders Looking for New Jobs

According to new  findings from the "HR Priorities During The Great Resignation" report, published by AllVoices, HR leaders are burned out.

They surveyed HR leaders to better understand who's leaving their jobs and why, what their organizations are doing to increase engagement and retention, hiring outlooks and strategies, and how HR leaders themselves are shouldering this weight.

Commenting on the findings, Claire Schmidt, CEO and founder of AllVoices, said: "There's been a lot of coverage of The Great Resignation from the employee perspective, which is incredibly important. We wanted to also understand how HR leaders were handling what may be one of the most challenging times they will experience in their careers. People leaders are dealing with the challenges of losing employees and hiring new ones, while trying to implement new ways to increase engagement and get their employees to stay. Along with these challenges have come opportunities: organizations are investing more in their HR teams and tools, which will ultimately help both HR leaders and employees."

Key Findings:

  • 48% of HR leaders have seen over 30% of their staff quit in the past year
  • 28% of employees are leaving because they've found a better offer
  • 65% of HR leaders have seen more employee requests lately
  • 56% are increasing salaries for employees
  • $61,000 to $80,000: how much the majority of HR leaders say it costs to replace an employee
  • 53% of HR leaders are burned out
  • 48% of HR leaders are looking for a new job

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