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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting our latest meetup with Laurie Ruettimann the popular HR writer/speaker/podcaster. She talked for an hour about how she makes a living in the HR world and dished out some great tips and tactics for any freelancer. Visit her website . One of the attendees called it "one of the best, down to earth Zoom meeting I have ever attended." You can now watch the replay below or skim the full transcript....
If you are interested in starting an HR blog for yourself you would be wise to heed the advice of one of our industry's most prolific bloggers. Suzanne Lucas writes the Evil HR Lady blog and has been doing so since 2006. She shares her 14 years of experience on the most recent edition of the HR Lancers Live community hangout.
On the last episode of HR Lancers Live we got together and used the wisdom of the crowd to find out which apps, sites and products we use each day to get our work done. It was a highly informative look at some great tools. These tools are summarized below for easy access. Watch the replay to see what each Lancer said about their favorites. Replay Chris Russell : GoDaddy...
Last week on HR Lancers Live we talked with HR speaker expert Jennifer McClure about how she got started with speaking on the human resources conference circuit. The replay can now be watched in its entirety on Youtube. A full transcript is below (machine generated).  How to get started speaking in the hr industry (transcript) from Chris Russell