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HR In The News: January

HR In The News: January

Here's a short roundup of news from the world of Human Resources.

E-commerce Leader iHerb Announces Work from Home Policy

In response to the changing landscape of the modern workplace, iHerb has announced that U.S.-based team members in designated departments and positions are eligible to work remotely upon their start of employment. The company considers working from home to be a viable and flexible work option when both the team member and the position are suited for the arrangement. Additionally, iHerb announced an allowance program to support team members' remote work expenses.

"So much has changed this past year, including the way we work," says Herb Senior Vice President of Human Resources Lea Baltzinger. "It's important to our company to be able to not only adapt to these changes but to also support our employees as best we can moving forward."

The company will also continue to maintain office spaces, which will allow team members to safely collaborate in person when needed or desired. This year, iHerb is opening a new and improved office space in Irvine, California, to support flexible schedules and provide co-sharing workspaces. iHerb recognizes that working remotely - with the option of safely meeting in person when necessary - can be a great benefit to both the employer and employee and is excited to explore this new way of working.

Fastest Growing Remote Occupations

The 10 career categories below have seen remote work job listings grow more than 25% when comparing the number of jobs created in March 2020 compared to December 2020. A “remote job” is defined as a professional-level job that allows the worker to work from home either entirely or part of the time. Remote jobs are also known as telecommuting jobs, virtual jobs, and work-from-home jobs.

These are in order from highest to lowest growth, with each category having grown more than 25% from March 2020 to December 2020.

1. Marketing
2. Administrative
3. HR & Recruiting
4. Accounting & Financing
5. Graphic Design
6. Customer Service
7. Writing
8. Mortgage & Real Estate
9. Internet & Ecommerce
10. Project Management

Only 10% of Employees Want to Go Back to Office Full-time

Global HR research consortium Best Practice Institute released the findings of its recent workplace study that shows a significant discrepancy between the desires of CEOs and employees to return to the office in 2021. Over 83% of CEOs want employees back in the office in 2021, while only 10% of employees indicate they wish to be back in the office full time.

While only 10% of employees indicated their desire to return to the office full time in 2021, they did provide insights into what they are looking for upon return, all centered around trust and safety. Over 60% of employees responded they wouldn't be comfortable returning without trusting the company's confidence in communicating co-worker illness, clear instructions on health and safety policies, and the option to work from home.

"The study points toward the need to co-create a new working experience with employees in 2021, says Louis Carter, the study lead and CEO. "Although most CEOs want people to come back into the office, employees are very specific about what they expect. It is critical that leaders work with employees to create the best working environment not only feel comfortable about their health, but also feel respected for their choices.”

The study is intended to continue beyond 2021 to acquire the survey results of more than 10 million employee participants within 5 years. Organizations looking to participate in this year-long study can apply at

HR and Payroll Company MassPay Announces Rebranding

HR and payroll company, MassPay, announced today that it has rebranded to MP: Wired for HR. The rebranding comes as the Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions company has seen exponential growth in its offerings and client base. Over the past 16 years, MP has expanded from a Massachusettspayroll company to a nationwide HCM solutions provider with over 1,300 clients in all 50 states and spanning all industries. MP offers a full continuum of solutions to streamline HCM, ranging from payroll and time, to talent acquisition, to benefits administration, as well as HR consulting services.

The new corporate tagline, "wired for HR" comes from MP's deep understanding of how the entire HR ecosystem is connected. The way that companies treat and manage their employees often determines their success. MP knows that HR has a tremendous impact on a business's people strategy, including employee engagement, performance optimization, risk mitigation, team culture, and ultimately, an organization's profitability.