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HR Freelancer Spotlight: Michael Amiri

HR Freelancer Spotlight: Michael Amiri

Michael Amiri, a talent executive from the Seattle area is up next in our spotlight series. Check out his full profile here.

1. What do you consider your top 3 skills as an HR freelancer?

  • Recruiting & Talent Acquisition
  • Team development, mentoring and management
  • Employer branding and market intelligence

2. Describe two of your past projects/gigs you were hired for?

  • Developing and managing end-to-end recruiting lifecycles plans to attract highly skilled candidates for domestic clients in several locations (Washington, DC, Seattle, WA and Tulsa, OK), including both technical and non-technical roles (Java, SaaS, Cloud, Database, Web Developer), and high priority and niche requisitions and identifying key personnel for selected assignment opportunities.
  • In-process of developing a business plan to customized sourcing and talent acquisition strategies for early stage biotechnology company in Los Angeles, CA.
  • Advised C-suite concerning Talent Acquisition initiatives in areas of relocation, compensation and pipeline strategies and then implemented new functions and processes from the ground up for second location in San Jose, CA as a part of new market expansion. 

3. Which project from your past work are you most proud of?

Built an executive search and staffing firm from the ground up to provide Human Resources, career-coaching and lifecycle recruiting support to startups, evolving small-mid-size organizations (1,000+), and  publicly traded companies growing their technology and support teams.

Led recruitment strategy for new business development initiatives, provided competitive market intelligence, and brand-new recruiting strategy, resulted in winning two (2) largest contracts in history of InfoReliance ($178M+ value), and established recruiting strategy and processes for all programs in the company, increased number of hires by 400% (from 113 to 450+). 

4. Do you believe the HR/recruiting industry is poised for more freelancers? 

Because freelancers are a large and growing population, and offer unique advantages that otherwise would be underlooked and ignored. Global economy changed everything for companies around the world. Depending on the type of freelancers, companies have access to required expertise with much shorter startup time and more cost effective. Companies by mixing and matching talents can reach their goals under highly challenging circumstances.  

5. What’s a fun fact you want people to know about you?

That is a tough one- I always wanted to design and make my own car-I love car designs and all effort that would go to built one- I still have not done that! I also love to travel. I have traveled to more than 24 countries. I love to connect with people and learn about their culture, music, food and what we share together as human race. I love art, I have been taking classes in drawing and photography for several years. I think this would help me to be more expressive about my inner feelings.