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HR Freelancer Spotlight: John Blair

HR Freelancer Spotlight: John Blair

Michigan based John Blair is our newest featured HR Lancer. He's stepping out on his own for the first time in his career and we asked him some questions over email. Check out his profile.

What do you consider your top 3 skills as an HR freelancer?

  • The Ability to Listen to both the needs of my Customer and the expectations of Candidates. 
  • Ability to control the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Process.  
  • Strategic / Critical Thinking.  The ability to draw out the best in others. 

Biggest accomplishment in HR/recruiting?

Implemented the entire talent acquisition process for a 1,500 person manufacturing automotive tier One. Recruiting, recruited the CEO for Segula Technology, VP of Marketing and Sales at VWoA, Plant Manager for major Tier One provider.  

Which project from your past work are you most proud of?

BTM Company Employee Handbook turned out great, Authored the Safety and Emergency Contingency Program to include safety audits at VWoA, Behavioral Based Structured Interview Process for VWoA and Audi USA  

Do you believe the HR/recruiting industry is poised for more freelancers? If yes, why?

I do believe the HR / Recruiting industry is poised for more freelancers.  As the Baby Boomers approach retirement, there is a great deal of Wisdom that will be leaving the Workforce

What types of HR projects would you love to work on as a freelancer?

Would absolutely enjoy partnering up with Trendy or Technologically Advanced Start ups building and contributing to their success.  I also very much enjoy partnering with Senior Management that want to target their competitors because they truly believe they have a superior process or product that is making the world a better place.  

Whats a fun fact you want people to know about you?

Im one of those people who truly enjoys seeing others happy.  Ive written my first book and in the publishing phase.