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HR Freelancer Spotlight:Cyndi Rooks

HR Freelancer Spotlight:Cyndi Rooks

Cyndi Rooks , PHR, HCS, SHRM-CP, is a Chief Human Resources and Compliance Officer for HRx and Compliance, LLC based in Jacksonville Florida. She is the latest HR Lancer to be featured on our blog. We asked her a few questions over email to get to know her. 

1. What do you consider your top 3 skills as an HR freelancer?

HR Audits, Policy and Procedures/best practices/compliance, Investigations and Training 

2. Biggest accomplishment in HR/recruiting?

  • In Hr - Changing the culture to a positive environment in the organization in a 6 month period and negotiating the FOP union contract in 2 days and making it a win win for the union and organization. 
  • In Recruiting- successfully filling jobs with qualified and quality candidates with an avg time to fill of 28 days when industry avg was 49 days 

3. Which project from your past work are you most proud of?

Developing a strategic HR plan, presenting to senior management receiving their buy in and implementing. 

4. Do you believe the HR/recruiting industry is poised for more freelancers? If yes, why?

Yes I do - why because there are so many companies that don’t think they need HR but in reality they do no matter if they have 2 employees or 1000 employees. Also with the ever changing employment laws HR departments need assistance in ensuring they are in compliance because they don’t necessarily have the bandwidth to address.

5. What types of HR projects would you love to work on as a freelancer?

HR Audits, policy and procedures/ best practices/compliance, strategic HR, compensation plans, training and Development of management and employees, safety audits, investigations, employee relations, I-9 compliance. 

6. Whats a fun fact you want people to know about you?
I spent time at a function with Nick Lowery the kicker from the Kansas City Chiefs and  thought he was a YMCA Janitor. I learned the next day he was the guest keynote speaker. 

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