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How HR is Responding to Coronavirus + More

How HR is Responding to Coronavirus + More

We are in uncharted territory. Our work and jobs are undergoing rapid change right now and HR is scrambling to keep up in order to maintain business and keep employees safe. Hiring pauses are sure to follow.

How has it affected your life as a Lancer? If you already work form home things probably haven't changed much unless your kids are now running around the house.

A number of new articles and podcast have popped up that we wanted to share about this new crisis we are undergoing. So we curated some of the more interesting content pieces we have found in the last few days.

CareerXroads has a great podcast with over 30 TA leaders talking about how there companies are responding to going virtual.

Chris Russell spoke with a remote manager who talked about how he manages his remote team who is up to 8600 miles away.

A number of vendors are offering free video interviewing tools.

Me in 3 is a free software as a service platform that allows hiring managers to view candidate profiles which include their resume, summary of skills and a video introduction. The hiring manager can quickly review the candidate's hard and soft skills in a single dashboard and indicate with one click whether they want to proceed with interviewing the job seeker. Job seekers are allowed to show creativity and are encouraged to set themselves apart.

OutMatch, a Talent Intelligence Platform that helps companies hire and develop great employees, is offering a free program to support business continuity, the shift to virtual recruiting, and the hiring of fully-remote employees.

As the impact and uncertainty of the global health pandemic accelerates, business leaders are responding in the moment, instituting new workplace policies, such as work from home and social distancing, with very little preparation and advanced notice to employees. While health and safety of employees is top priority, leaders are facing another daunting challenge: keeping their businesses moving forward and minimizing disruption as best they can.

“Our goal is to keep the human side of business strong so that organizations have the people they need,” said Greg Moran, CEO of OutMatch. “Global health concerns are forcing companies to change their approach to hiring, and even halt hiring in some cases. By supporting the shift to virtual hiring, we’re doing our part to keep employees and candidates healthy with as little disruption to the business as possible.”

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