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The 20 Favorite Apps of HR Freelancers

The 20 Favorite Apps of HR Freelancers

On the last episode of HR Lancers Live we got together and used the wisdom of the crowd to find out which apps, sites and products we use each day to get our work done. It was a highly informative look at some great tools. These tools are summarized below for easy access. Watch the replay to see what each Lancer said about their favorites.


Chris Russell

  • GoDaddy bookkeeping: An invoicing tool used for tracking income, expenses, invoicing, mileage ,Hourly time tracking – “very simple bookkeeping app”, “like it for its simplicity overall” Cost: $110/year
  • Ripl: Marketing Tool that allows you to create branded videos and images in minutes, then instantly post to all your social media accounts at once. - “favorite tool out of all that I am sharing today”, “will make your social media a lot better looking.  Can build it into your brand” Cost: $10/month
  • TinyScannerPro: A little scanner app that turns android device into a portable document scanner and scan everything as images or PDFs. “take a picture with your phone in the app, it creates a pdf and can email right from your phone” Cost: $5 one time fee
  • – Auto schedule and post blogs, photos, RSS, news and videos to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,  you can use this to push out content from multiple social media accounts- “pretty powerful, can do a lot of social media marketing” Cost: Free to $24.88/month
  • Snagit – Screenshot, screencast tool Cost: $50
  • Stat counter – a simple but powerful real-time web analytics service that helps you track, analyze and understand your visitors so you can make good decisions to become more successful online. “simpler version of Google Analytics” Cost: Free to $9/month

Javianna Nelson:

  • QuickBooks self-employed: Invoicing tool

  • Canva: The design software that makes design simple, convenient, and reliable—create what you need.  Good tool for marketing. - “my business is an employer brand business…use it to engage employees of clients on Social Media” Cost: $120/year
  • Hello Bonsai: Project Management  contracts, e-signing, & invoices – client profile, contracts and proposals, time tracking, makes forms and keeps forms. Cost: $16/month

Alissa Penny:

  • Venngage: Infographic creator. “I use it to do a lot of infographics for my consultation, I do strategic analysis and data analysis so it helps me show really quick charts to a lot of my clients” Cost: $19/month
  • Slack:  Client Communication for all projects, recommended for folks who are doing remote work. “If you are more into doing video based projects, I enjoy using Discord, more for the gaming industry” Cost: Free
  • Hootsuite: Social Media Posting Management Cost: Free

Tonja LaFrenz

  • Feedly: A news aggregator application for various web browsers and mobile devices running iOS and Android – “find what you are looking for, a project you are working on, it gives you articles, then you can post the article out through Hootsuite” Cost: Free
  • ATS/CRM: Big Biller through Top Echelon “can add your candidates, can add your companies, they do training all the time, their customer service is unreal”  Cost: $70/month
  • Fivrr: $15 for email signature, logo $10 and slogan $40 – freelancer site
  • Wisestamp: email signature generator 

Orin Davis

  • previously known as Read It Later, is an application and web service for managing a reading list of articles and videos from the Internet
  • Harvest- Time tracker: Simple time tracking, fast online invoicing, and powerful reporting software. Simplify employee timesheets and billing.
  • ScannerPro: Allows you to scan paper documents into PDFs that look clean and professional.
  • Expensify – for tracking expenses
  • - coworking space $39 for 10 hours – “giving you hourly access to co-working spaces….need a place to sit down and work, don’t want to do a coffee shop” hours rollover and accumulate.  They are a global organization.