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Cool Tools for Freelancers: KeeperTax

Cool Tools for Freelancers: KeeperTax

Keeper Tax, a tax filing software for gig workers, creators and freelancers, just raised its $13M in venture capital funding.

The funding will help Keeper Tax — which helps anybody making 1099 income discover tax write-offs among everyday purchases — build out a complete tax platform, offering full service tax advice, expense, and an intuitive filing solution. The new capital will allow the company to grow its team, including hiring more Keepers to support customers, build out its artificial intelligence capabilities to support more types of 1099 job roles, and expand its user base in the US and abroad.

Keeper Tax services these workers by automatically monitoring transactions from any linked bank account or credit card to identify write-offs and expenses that would otherwise have been missed. Upon registering an account, every Keeper Tax customer is assigned a 'Keeper' who monitors purchases throughout the year. A few times per week, a text message with a simple yes/no question will be sent asking if a transaction was a work expense or not.

If yes, this transaction is captured, categorized into a Schedule C business expense category, and the artificial intelligence engine takes note, ensuring similar transactions will be automatically captured and categorized in the future. At tax time, Keeper Tax users can file directly through the app, or seamlessly export their savings to another tax service or their accountant. 

The Keeper Tax App is available as a free download from the App Store. Use of the app is free for 14 days, and a subscription is available thereafter for $16/month. Tax filing through the Keeper Tax app is just $89. 

For more information about Keeper Tax, visit