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A New HR Graduate Gets Her Wings

A New HR Graduate Gets Her Wings

Congratulations to our very own Ellysa Smith. The HR Lancers Brand Ambassador recently completed her degree in Human Resources! She received a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development with a concentration in HR Management from New York University.

We asked her a few questions about her experience and what she expects for her future career in HR.

What excites you most about getting a degree in HR? 

I studied science in undergrad and discovered HR shortly after graduation and felt that while I was working in the field I was missing the theory behind the work I was doing. My degree has been exciting to pursue because it has had such practical application in my everyday work. It also gave me exposure to areas outside of my work experience like finance. It has given me hope for our profession to see others pursuing HR education and offers an opportunity to hear and learn the latest and greatest as it relates to Human Resources.

What's been your career path in HR to this point? 

I completed three unpaid non-profit internships to gain exposure to the field. From there I landed my first HR Receptionist role and continued to progress in my career becoming an HR Assistant, HR Coordinator, HR Specialist, and my most current position as HR Manager. My career in Human Resources was filled with a diversity of industry including hospitality, technology, education, and more recently finance. It has been incredibly rewarding thus far.

What do you hope to achieve in HR in your future career?

I am extremely passionate about curating an employee experience that empower a workforce. I hope that I have the opportunity to be Chief Human Resources Officer to oversee people strategy. Eventually, I want to pursue my own consulting business and be a Freelancer.

What's it been like to work on HR Lancers? 

It has been a joy working at HRLancers. The community of HR professionals is strong and I get the opportunity to learn from an HR expert about the launch of HRLancers as a business entity. I also have the opportunity to make a positive impact in the HR field as a Brand Ambassador for an area of HR Freelancers that will continue to flourish.

The network of support is integral for any business owner, but particularly for HR business owners. When I first started I knew very little about the HR Freelancing and although there is much discussion about the gig economy not much emphasis has been put on the HR gig economy that has grown immensely. HRLancers give me a voice and the ability to raise awareness about a rapidly growing market.

Check out Ellysa's HR Lancers Profile.