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2021 HR Advice from the HR Lancers

2021 HR Advice from the HR Lancers

We asked our freelancers what their advice is going into 2021 as it relates to recruiting and Human Resources. Here's a roundup of what they told us.


"Recruiting is going to increasingly become proactive rather than reactive. We are entering an era where we will post less job advertisements and start actively searching for the types of candidates we want to hire. This will extend beyond platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter to include other social media profiles. We owe it to candidates to tell them they need to brand themselves in order to be found for that dream role. The era of waiting to sort through resumes is ending."

Glen Loveland, Expatriate HR Management Consultant


"It is really important that employers are reviewing and updating their employee handbooks on a yearly basis. Laws, rules and regulations are frequently changing, and company's need to make sure that they are staying current at all times. A review by an attorney or HR expert is a worthwhile investment, as it could avoid future problems or litigation."

"As companies are reviewing their employment goals for 2021, they should certainly factor in the recruitment and employment of people with disabilities. This is an often overlooked segment of the workforce, and the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is significantly higher than those without disabilities. Companies are missing out on many great employees that can fill a variety of positions. It is great for internal morale as well."

Craig Wolfson, Owner, Wolfson and Klein-Wolfson, PLLC


"Find your tribe, embrace a strong support system and get a coach. Too often HR folks become isolated, taking on the weight of the world and believe we need to have all the answers.

I know, because I’ve been there. I waited far too long to connect with other HR Professionals (outside of my work team). I placed so much pressure on myself to have all the answers and was frustrated that there wasn’t a “training” to give me what I needed.

There is real power in community and the HR community is one of great connection and support IF you put yourself out there and tap into it. There is so much more to the work we do than compliance, I wish I had access to a strong community and learning opportunities outside of just compliance earlier in my career."

Barbie Winterbottom, CEO, Business of HR


"As we head into 2021, take a step back and look at the big picture. We have been putting out fires, both literally and figuratively this year, so in 2021, we need to review the basics like employee handbooks, job descriptions and talent practices and modify them to address the changing work environment. We also need to check in with our teams to see what they need to continue to be successful, particularly as the ways of working have changed."

Lisa Ryan, Founder & Principal, Star HR Consulting


"This cuts across categories, but spend time reviewing your messaging. Going into the new year, nothing pre-2020 is relevant anymore, so who are you, and what do you offer in today's world? If you can't answer those questions quickly and concisely, your audience is likely to disengage. That goes for candidates as well as customers."

Katie Achille, Managing Director, DevonPR


"Companies need to relook at their benefits and perks and should customise it as per post Covid-19 scenerio as almost everyone is WFH. Employers should focus on ordering meaningful work as in post covid era, candidates won't consider office location as a constraint in their job search. So, it doesn't matter if the company's office is at city center or at outskirts, if the work is challenging with amazing available benefits, candidates will be automatically attracted to the company."

Swechchha Srivastava, Recruitment Consultant


"An HR focus for 2021 will be not only how to attract a diverse talent pool, but how to retain those individuals. HR Leaders need to lead the charge for creating inclusive policies and practices within their organizations in order to promote a more just, equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace. Hiring managers need to be held accountable for their actions in fostering this type of workplace as well. Education around unconscious bias, microaggressions in the workplace and recognizing intersectionality in their employees is crucial in understanding a diverse workforce where representation matters. Too often, HR and executives will ban speaking about politics in the workplace. Education for executives need to include that diversity, equity and inclusion is not a political issue and/or activism in the workplace, but rather a human rights issue and advocacy for an employees true identity."

Heidi Duss, Chief Culture and Inclusion Consultant


"For companies who have switched to work from home accommodations, work with your labor attorney to create a work from home policies which address the following issues: Worker's Comp issues, hours of work/Overtime FSLA Issues, Workplace Safety (the home office is now the workplace), Virtual Harassment, Invasion of Privacy Issues, Sick Leave, Teleworking Across State Lines, Teleworking Agreements.

This is a whole new world for employers who are now doing remote work and the above issues can have dramatic impacts on the work from home arrangement."

Darlene Rasmussen, HR Consultant


Always seek to understand all sides to a situation. We can never assume that one version is the full story.

Michele Lindsey, Strategic Human Resources & Leadership Development Professional


All of us have a computer device with us regularly. We can use it for career advancement in more ways than we can count. It's a lifestyle as learning online is accessible 24/7. In 2021, we benefit the most when our career pivot takes days, not months, because we are always engaged in our career advancement.

Mark Anthony Dyson, Founder of The Voice of Job Seekers