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About Us

EvilHRJobs is a job marketplace dedicated to help HR & Recruiting professionals find meaningful work. From full time roles to part time gigs, we have evolved from the original site called HR Lancers. Now we service all job types in human resources, recruiting and talent acquisition.

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This site is a partnership between Suzanne Lucas, also known as the “Evil HR Lady”, a well known industry influencer/author and Chris Russell, founder of Rec Tech Media.

“My biggest goal with Evil HR Lady is to make everyone’s career better. Launching Evil HR Jobs is one more step along that path. I am looking forward to helping HR people find and fill jobs.”

~Suzanne Lucas, Evil HR lady

Our mission is to connect employers to the best HR & Recruiting talent throughout North America. Free to all candidates, we offer affordable job posting rates and packages for companies looking to hire. 

Qualified employers MUST sign up with a company email address to be able to search the resume database for free. Job seekers can also choose to feature themselves in the resume database in an effort to stand out.

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